Moving and Set Up


In St Cloud, we handle the disassembly and relocation of your pool table with utmost care. We utilize specialized equipment to safeguard the table and its 150-pound slate, including a custom-made dolly for secure transportation.

When it comes to removing the felt, we take meticulous measures to avoid tearing any strips and ensure no staples are left behind. Although this process may take time, our priority is a high-quality move rather than a swift one. 

Rest assured, your table is prepared for a seamless move to its new address.

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Our team will carefully position the table in its new room with the walls and use shims to achieve accurate leveling of the slates. If you desire a bar light, our team will utilize a stud finder to identify the optimal spot on the ceiling.

To ensure an even playing surface, we address the tiny gaps of up to 1/10 of an inch between the slates by using beeswax.

We prioritize precise leveling of the pool table slates, employing a machinist level for this essential step.

In the case of assembly on carpeting, there is a possibility of uneven settling over time, which may necessitate re-leveling. Our guarantee includes free re-leveling if required, providing peace of mind.

To eliminate any potential odors or marks caused by unknown contaminants from previous owners, re-felting your table is highly recommended. We offer a wide selection of felt in different grades and colors. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries regarding our re-felting services.

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Single Slates

Moving pool tables with a single slate requires specialized techniques due to the substantial weight of each slate, typically weighing at least 600 pounds. It is necessary to have 2-3 people to carry and handle them safely.

While many pool table moving companies avoid handling single-slate tables due to these challenges, we can accommodate such moves depending on the specific circumstances. However, it’s important to note that stairs significantly increase the difficulty, especially when dealing with an 8-foot table, as moving them upstairs can be extremely challenging.

1 single slate

Machinist Leveling

Achieving proper leveling for a pool table goes beyond using a standard carpenter level. The precision required to level a pool table is much higher since even the slightest variation can noticeably affect the ball’s movement during play.

We employ a machinist level. It is significantly more precise, approximately 10 times more accurate than a carpenter level, allowing us to attain the desired level for the pool tables we install.

It is essential to be aware that not all movers in the St Cloud area utilize machinist levels. We recommend inquiring about the type of level used when contacting movers. Unfortunately, some movers take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge regarding the distinction between a carpenter and a machinist level.

Quoting Process

Number of slates on the table:
A single slate incurs a higher quote due to its increased weight.

City where the table is located:
The St Cloud area and nearby regions within a one-hour radius receive the most affordable quotes.

Stairs or tight corners at location:
The presence of a full flight of stairs does not affect the quote price if the table has three slates.

Grade of felt on the table (if being re-felted):
Options available for re-felting include 303, 505, and Tournament grades.

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